Client Story

Positronic Industries, Inc.

“People Centric connects every level, from our direct floor labor to our President/CEO, by providing communications that remove gaps in all areas of Positronic Industries. They have become family to our company and we open our doors wide for them to be our partner.”

Director of Human Resources at Positronic Industries, Inc.

In 2017, Positronic Industries, Inc. called People Centric Consulting Group, the consulting firm right down the street. Together, they created processes for Positronic to create a strong relationship of respect and trust between leadership and employees.


Positronic is a global manufacturer for high reliability electronic connectors and built-to-print cable assemblies. They were founded in 1966 and have offices all over the globe. Their global headquarters is located in Springfield, Missouri. Positronic strives to engage employees in the journey of the company. Before People Centric, Positronic brought in various consultants and had strategic plans in place, but were not seeing real results within their company. They were lacking buy-in from employees and didn’t feel like the company was working together as a cohesive unit. The company wanted to engage their employees from a “bottom-up” structure opposed to a “top-down” mentality. 


Positronic had been attending Leadership Mastermind sessions and began following People Centric. In 2017, Positronic met with People Centric to develop strategies to better understand and define the objectives and goals of the leadership team at Positronic. They also wanted to identify the relationship between the leadership team and employees. These systems would allow Positronic to engage their employees and create buy-in.


In 2017, Positronic and People Centric began their partnership. Positronic started to implement cross-functional teams working together to solve company problems. Through monthly Dashboard meetings with People Centric, Positronic was able to recognize past progress and set goals for the future. They created a “suggestion box” for every office. This empowered employees to have a say in their work experience, and actually be heard. Positronic never failed to and continues to never neglect any program. They worked on fixing every suggestion–big or small. To improve efficiency, Positronic installed digital clocks versus analog so that everyone was clear on the exact time.  They changed the bathroom doors to all swing out versus in. They created collaboration boards at each location, allowing people to come together and improve parts and processes. Positronic is also helping the environment by working to become paperless. 


Since 2017, Positronic has seen a huge difference. They have created a strong relationship of respect and trust between leadership and employees. Employees feel like they have more purpose within the overall company. There has been a huge increase in company morale and work efficiency has skyrocketed. Employees are excited to bring suggestions to the leadership team and work to become part of the solution for a more effective workplace.