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Our People Centric podcast confronts work head-on to help you learn how to navigate difficulties, change cultures, and lead better. We want work to be more than just a “J-O-B”. We want individuals, teams, and companies to be People Centric by creating cultures where people are aligned, empowered, and at the center of every decision.

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Surviving to Thriving

These videos were made during the COVID-19 outbreak, and consist of best practices, things to know, and things to think about during any moment of crisis or time of uncertainty for your organization or business.

Organizational Strategy

People Centric experts discuss strategic planning, leadership changes, breaking bad habits, and more.

Workplace Culture

We say a lot about culture, but what do we mean? Learn how culture is more than just a buzzword – it has the power to change everything.


Tips for navigate communication of all forms: remote workplace, difficult conversations, nonverbal cues, and more.

Management & Leadership Development

Performance appraisals, team development, and more.