Strategic Planning Services

Helping Organizations Build and Execute a Strategic Plan

Identity Based Strategic Planning

Your organization is perfectly designed to get the results you have been getting. If you want different results you need to design it differently.

We believe that Strategic Planning is the formal act of evaluating your organization in relationship to the current world. Then using that understanding we can create an effective plan of action that maximizes your company’s potential. Strategic planning is most effective when it is: 

Intentional: Leaders will need to take thoughtful time to take a step back and work on the business, instead of just in the business.

Identity based: Leaders will pause to either build or contemplate the Values, Mission, and Vision of the organization to better guide the direction of the company and increase the likelihood of an executable plan.

Positioned: Leaders will examine the company in relation to the world in which it exists. Customers, Industry, and Marketplace will help determine where to go next.

Execution Focused: The value of strategic planning comes in the execution of the plan, not in the planning itself.

We know that every company, industry, and environment is different. That is why we make our Strategic Planning highly customizable. Our standard process includes:

  1. Scope: We work with you to customize the process to meet the needs of your team and develop an executable and useable strategic plan.
  2. Survey: To earn engagement on the plan, we often collect key stakeholder input through surveys or interviews as needed.
  3. Relevant Data Collection: We determine what information the organization has access to that could be helpful in the strategic planning session. This may be past employee surveys, past strategic plans, financial documents, or meetings with key personnel prior to our session.
  4. Session: Our strategic planning session will be focused, intentional, data driven, and productive. This session could be a few hours or multiple sessions based on our scope.
  5. Execution: The value of strategic planning comes in the execution of the plan, not in the planning itself. We take extra time during our session to develop a plan for the execution of the strategic plan.
  6. Strategic Review and Installation Plan: We will meet with the organizational leaders after the strategic planning session with our strategic plan report and installation guide to ensure everyone is on the same page and ready to go execute the well built plan!

Pricing: Pricing for strategic planning is typically $10,000, which is customizable and can include surveys, data collection, key personnel interviews, strategic session(s) facilitation, reporting, and debriefing. Since we are highly customizable we can also work with you to customize pricing, please reach out to us if you need help building and executing a strategic plan for your organization.

Our Approach

Our approach to strategic planning involves creating buy in and alignment with the leaders, defining clear goals, and building an action plan to execute and the goals we set. We work with organizations to co-create practical and actionable solutions. You know your business better than anyone, and we become your partner for the strategic planning process to provide expert insight, facilitation, and consultation. Through our combined expertise,  we will create a clear direction and provide your team with the necessary tools to problem solve, execute, and drive the company forward.


“People Centric’s Strategic Planning service was a game-changer for our organization. Their approach helped us set clear objectives and assign ownership, which has driven our company forward in ways we couldn’t have imagined.”

CEO of XYZ Company

“The team at People Centric are more than consultants, they are partners. Their Strategic Planning service helped us create a high performing culture with a clear direction. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

COO of ABC Corporation

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