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It all starts with employee engagement (and understanding why it matters). The term “employee engagement” is often perceived as a measurement of an employee’s happiness with their job. But you need more than happy team, you need a high performing team. We are here to tell you that you can have both. Gallup has been studying employee engagement for decades while also collecting hard financial and analytical data. This means that they can compare similar companies in similar industries to see the true impact of having highly engaged employees. The results are staggering.

Engaged Employees
Greater Productivity
Greater Profitability

In the United States, Gallup measured employee engagement at 32%. This means that 68% of employees are either disengaged or outright toxic at work. Even if a company has twice as much engagement as an average company, is 64% engagement enough?

Employee engagement activities like leadership development or team workshops do much more than create happy employees. The chart below shows the difference in various key performance indicators when comparing companies that perform in the top quartile in employee engagement versus companies that perform in the bottom quartile.

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By focusing on these five systems, you can build a high-performance culture of engagement, focus, and accountability.

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