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People Centric Management Foundations

Hello and welcome to your on demand Leadership Development and the People Centric Management Foundations Podclass! In this unique learning model, you are able to go at your own pace, reflect as you go, and even reach out to the People Centric team of experts for any questions you have.

At People Centric, our mission is to build healthy workplaces where people are aligned and empowered. We do this by creating cultures that allow employees to use their strengths, be transparent and open in communication, and be developed and challenged.

We’ve taken our years of experience and expertise and distilled them into this Management Foundations course. It is designed to help you develop the fundamental management skills that are central to becoming a great leader. We’ve curated a selection of podcasts that will guide you through the principles and practices that have helped countless organizations and people transform their teams and achieve their goals.

You’ll learn about the roles managers and leaders should be playing, crucial elements to building strong communication skills, and how the best teams interact. We also touch on some of leaders’ toughest challenges like delegating, setting boundaries, and the best ways to deliver feedback. You’ll gain insights into creating People Centric culture where employees are aligned and empowered, happier, and more fulfilled.

The beauty of this course is that you can learn at your own pace, in your own space. Whether you’re a seasoned manager looking to refresh your skills in an ever changing workforce, or a new leader stepping into the role for the first time, this course will provide you with valuable insights and practical tools that you can apply immediately.

The cost of this course is only $25 per person, a small investment for the potential return on your leadership skills and organizational impact. Business IS personal; So, join us in this movement to create a world where people are at the center of every organization.

Welcome to the People Centric Management Foundations Podclass!