When we started our careers or new jobs, we each had some sort of preconceived expectation or goal. The company we were joining had no idea what we were capable of. The sky was the limit and we had plans; BIG plans.

And then we started our jobs and reality hit us.

We went through experiences and were put into situations that we weren’t ready for. Some of us had guidance, while some of us faked it until we made it. We learned from mistakes, picked up self-help or leadership books, watched videos, and took courses. Chances are we also had a mentor to help us along the way. All of these efforts were intended to better our performance, contributions, and help us climb the ladder of success.

Today, the majority of the workforce is composed of the Millennial generation and this generation is ready to make an impact. A recent Gallup study found 45% of Millennials say “a job that accelerates their professional or career development is ‘very important’ to them”. It was also found that ‘career growth opportunities’ was one of the top five reasons employees are leaving their current job.

We know these employees. We were these employees. We had those big goals and ambitions, and I bet majority of us still do. Sure, this generation has a different ‘approach’, but why not help them? Why would we not pay it forward? The worst that could happen is we continue to get the results that we are getting.

We want to challenge you to think about how you can invest in your talent. Invest in a high potential leadership program. Send them to professional development events. Coach them up. These opportunities can keep our doors open and improve our bottoms lines.

Your people are looking for those opportunities, and if we aren’t fostering a culture that supports development and keeps talent, someone else will.