It is not uncommon that a lot of our biggest pain points for ourselves and our companies exist when there is so much chaos in our environment and we are not always sure where it is coming from. We know that chaos can rear its ugly head in many different forms, such as inefficient processes, a lack of trust among employees, or simple changes that are positive for the overall company, but are rarely clearly communicated with everyone.

Thankfully, chaos can be proactively handled and processed to get the best out of ourselves and our teams. Below are a few easy steps that can be taken to minimize the obstacles that are causing the chaos in which we are living or perhaps experiencing.

Process the chaos

Chaos is typically felt during either a feeling of lack of control or a perceived lack of control. If we are able to take a moment and process our stress points, this may lead us to the root cause of our chaos.

Own only the things we can own.

We all have a certain amount of ownership over our own chaos. However, we also need to understand that there are some things that are outside of our immediate control and that is okay.

Its not always about managing the chaos.

It’s about eliminating the barriers that are causing the chaos. What are those barriers and how can we eliminate them?