The term Employee Engagement sounds like such a soft term. It has long been perceived as a measurement of an employee’s happiness with his or her job, but does employee engagement have a bigger impact on the high-performance culture you are continually striving to maintain?

Gallup has been studying employee engagement for decades while also collecting hard financial data. This means they can compare similar companies in similar industries to see the true impact of having highly engaged employees. The results are staggering.

Employee engagement activities like leadership team development or team dynamics workshops do much more than create satisfied employees. The chart below shows differences in various key performance indicators when comparing companies that perform in the top quartile in employee engagement versus companies that perform in the bottom quartile.

Harness employee engagement activities like leadership and team development workshops to make a positive impact on KPIs and overall high-performance culture.

Employee Engagement has such a profound impact because it makes EVERYTHING work better. There is an amazing difference between an employee who is just punching the clock and the same employee who is all in on the job.

Stay tuned for more tips on improving your employee engagement and work culture to achieve a high-performance culture that benefits your employees and you.

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