If you are familiar with People Centric, you know our common philosophy that high-performance culture is heavily influenced by systems. To change your culture, you need to change your systems. But what systems need to be changed? To explore what systems influence high-performance work practices most heavily, we have identified five categories.

1) PEOPLE: Getting the right people in the right roles. This usually means hiring, onboarding, and role design. Make sure that you have passionate people who know what their roles are and how they can use their skills to best exemplify your company’s mission and purpose. This is an essential part of culture. If this seems overwhelming, check out our customized consulting, coaching, or leadership team development services.

2) COMMUNICATION: Ensure people get the right information at the right times. Don’t waste time with ineffective meetings with monotone cadence. Our formal strategic planning consultants can help you find strategic plan templates that help you get the most out of anything from brainstorming sessions to budget meetings.

3) MANAGEMENT: Develop and challenge your people while holding them accountable. These processes require a certain kind of balance between leadership team development and management training and employee check-ins. Learn how to do just that with our management seminars.

4) PROCESS: Create reliable, efficient, and effective processes that are steadily improving. Be continually looking for ways to evolve your sales, marketing, and production processes. And if you get stuck, look to our business development consultants to help you navigate whatever difficulties stand in your way.

5) STRATEGY: Make sure everyone knows what “winning” looks like for the organization and for their own roles. Communicate your formal strategic planning and goal setting processes to your team and organization.

By working on these systems, you can build a high-performance culture of engagement, focus, and accountability. And as always, feel free to reach out to our experts!

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