Unfortunately, in a world of tabloid politics, there is a common message that we are as divided as we have ever been.  We are encouraged by some to take sides and even to hate the other side.  When you ask questions and seek understanding, you will likely learn that most people agree on more than they disagree with.

Yes, there are people who want us to fight.  Some politicians want us to take sides.  Some media want us to fight.  There are some activists who want us to condemn others.  Some people who want us to fight just feel strongly about their positions and see themselves as a hero on a quest.  Others may be deliberately manipulating us for their own interests.

Either way, it’s important as a community that we stay curious about the perspectives of our neighbors.  We don’t have to take hard sides.  Most issues are complex and don’t have simple answers.  Most people aren’t completely right or wrong.  Most of us are both.

We are better together.  We need each other.  We have real problems to solve that will require collaboration.  It doesn’t require agreement or consensus.  It does take understanding that comes from diverse perspectives.